Thoughts: Blah Blah Blog

I don’t have something in my mind to share this moment. But I feel that I should be writing something or anything. Well since this account has been made way months ago, and I have free time now, so let my fingers run through the keys and type the words that come out to my mind now.

1. Why I made this blog?

Well actually, I made this blog because of writing. I love writing, composing stories, and everything about expressing. But I prefer writing it with a pen and paper. I don’t know. I think ink and paper goes well together. Though I found putting my entries on the internet a better way of sharing what my world is.

2. I am really out of words now.

Its twelve midnight and it was frustrating to write when all you think about is the next word to put next to the blinking line on this screen.

3. I am brokenhearted.

Yes, I am. Broken hearted for the third time. Today was Maroon 5: Overexposed Concert in Manila. It was their third time here in the country, and my third time as well not been able to watched them. Very poor me!

4. Because I am eating chocolate now.

Dark chocolate. Because I am currently feeling bitter on reading posts about how the concert went, I am comforting myself with this (I don’t know what brand is it) dark chocolate. But this won’t still make me feel better not unless I have been able to watch Adam.

5. This is getting nowhere.

And I guess I must stop typing for now. šŸ™‚


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