Thoughts: Hello 2013

Its January. The first month of the year. I am more likely a type of person who are not into planning of what to do. Well, since I guess I sink myself too much for work last year, I need a fresh start this year. I have tons of to-do’s in mind but I’m quiet unsure if I would be able to achieve it. But I am hopeful I would. Crossing my fingers.

Oh well, lets go to my top priorities this year:

1. Save. Savings. Save a lot!
-I need to send my brothers to school. College fees are really expensive. I mean, real expensive. So I need to save, double timeeeee!

2. Travel more
-2012 has been my year of traveling. I’d been able to visit places I once dreamt of. I was able to climb mountains. Visit the north and the south. Traveled without sleep and straight from work. Took pictures of landscapes, skies, people, and anything I found amazing. Got tired, and sleepless, and penniless. But my travels have been my constant relief against stress of life. Maybe another way of my escape. So cheers for more awesome walks in life!

3. Career Shift
– Though I’ve been in my current company for short period of time, I am now planning to take another step of moving for a new work. Not because I am not happy with my current job (I am an absolute happy kid towards my job), I need a job now that has a fixed working hours, no more everyday overtimes, has holiday no-work day, and when you can use your leave when you need it not when its just off-peak season.

4. Stronger relationships
-My top priority. I owe everything to the One who always saves the day. And I must pay Him of everything He deserves in every way I can. Then my family who has been my strength despite our distance to each other. My joy comes from them. And to the guy who won my heart, to whom I promise I want to live for the rest of forever.

4. More of sharing of thoughts to come
-I am a certified lazy when it comes to letting myself type the words I want to share. So hopefully, this year I would be able to update more of my page. Turn it into a page where good stories and travels can be read. πŸ™‚

Happy Twenty Thirteen!


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