Thoughts: Travelling with Happy Feet

I was very excited early this morning. I got my boss’ permission to have my vacation on a deadly season of our work. I wanted to hug him to express how happy and thankful kid I was! Indeed!

When I was a kid, I never had the chance to travel alone. Of course, what parents were you if you would allow your child to travel alone? Either way, I would travel with the family or with someone way older than me. It was always the-parent-expense trip.

As I grew up, I was finally allowed to join camps, summer camps, outings, and field trip. And I enjoyed it. I think I fell in love with traveling since I was little.

During college days, I was able to travel famous landmarks around the metro and near provinces. When you’re on a tight budget and student at the same time, financial funding for travel is a no-no. But I promised that someday, when I’m already earning, I would set foot on places I just once seen on pictures.


Dream came true. I was able to set foot my feet on the north side of the country. 12 hours by-land travel was never too long because of the excitement deep down of a dream come true. I was also able to travel famous destination spots, had trekking, and quick-city escapades.


Marking the map. It makes me giggle. I was already scheduled on other side of the country tour this February! Hooray! And it will be my first time to ride an airplane. HOOORAY! We are also planning to invade the City of Pines on March and island hopping on summer.

I’m thinking that everything comes from dreaming. Whether big or small, don’t stop dreaming. Who knows it will come true.

I’m planning to have a short post my past travels to share. So be it.

Happy feet to me, and you too.



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