Nikon, my other set of eyes

When I was little, I had this fascination on cameras. During those old days, cameras used films. I wondered how they captured a scene its as if they have stopped the time and stole that very moment. First, I thought it was magic, it was a trick hidden beneath those dark brown transparent plastics  Then I had the opportunity to use my neighborhood’s camera. The first I held that tiny rectangular machine and looked on the small glass finder, I felt good. No not just good, it felt great. It might have been another set of eyes to see the world on different dimension. I’d seen hidden actions. I’d seen unsolicited smiles. I’d seen life and love at the same time. I’d seen the world on a different story.


When I was young, I told myself that on my first pay on my first job, I wouldn’t buy luxuries for myself, but instead I would by my first owned camera. Luckily, on my second pay, I got that wish came true. I am currently the boss of a Nikon L310. Sometimes I’ve been using my friends Nikon DSLR. Yeah, no doubt, I am a Nikon’s girl. 






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